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Why Is Horse Racing So Popular In India?

The vast majority of Indians have a particular interest in sports activities, specifically in traditional sports. Horse racing is one of the oldest and exciting sports in this category. The sport commands a greater level of attention from sports fans who are always eager and keenly interested in knowing the outcome of every horse racing tournament. This article explains why Indians seem to have a particular interest in horse racing in clear terms.

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1. Most Indians Consider Horse Racing a Social Event

People attend sports events for so many reasons. For most sports that require the presence of fans, one important thing you can’t overlook is the social atmosphere that tends to be created.

Indians are fun people, and aside from the exciting moments horse racing produces, fans also want to interact with one another, discuss interesting facts about the sport, and give undiluted support for their favorite horses.

2. It is One of the Oldest Sports in India

It is believed that horse racing is one of the oldest traditional sports in India. Influenced by the British conquest of India in the 18th century, horse racing has evolved into an exciting sport in India, with different kinds of horse racing tournaments running every year.

Currently, The Indian Oaks, Indian 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas, Indian St. Larger, and Indian Derby are the five classic events of horse racing in India.

3. Perfect Sport for Horse Lovers

Horses are one of the most admired animals, probably due to their importance to man. With that said, horse racing provides ample opportunity for horse lovers to behold these beautiful animals.

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4. Gambling Purposes

A lot of people attend horse racing events for gambling purposes. This is because there are so many gambling benefits and wagering options available to Indians during horse racing tournaments.