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Why CC Sabathia Stopped His Alcohol Addiction

Retired American professional baseball pitcher CC Sabathia was one of the best baseball players before retiring from the sport. Although his various achievements as a baseball player put him in a good light, he was a chronic drunkard, a situation that took a severe toll on his well-being before he opted for rehab.

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Explaining how he formed this habit, CC Sabathia revealed that drinking had been fun to him and that he never for once saw it as something that could impact him negatively. There was no restriction as to what kinds of drinks were available to players.  

According to Sabathia, his teammates encouraged this habit as they were always available to go drinking with him. The interesting part is that there’s a lot of alcoholics for players at the ballpark. He recounted an experience he had with his teammates at Cleveland Indians whereby he was taken to a bar to drink after winning his first major league.

Although Sabathia was a serious drunkard, he was able to discipline himself to learn how to stop drinking two days before any of his games. He believed this helped him to achieve more as a baseball player.

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Narrating how he would constantly get into fights with his wife, he revealed how his wife denied him access to their home for getting home drunk. He stressed that even though he has had to deal with many things in the past, his drinking habit nearly turned him into a complete mess.

Sabathia explained he decided to go for rehab after noticing this habit could eventually affect his activities on the field. He revealed his situation was so bad that he needed to drink to get himself prepared for matches.