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What Went Wrong to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Football Career

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a former wrestler and has found fame in Hollywood as the most successful actor. When he was growing up, Johnson was a football player and a very good one, for that matter.

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Johnson started playing football when he was attending Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His muscular body worked in his favor. Jody Cwik, a teacher and football coach inspired Johnson to play football.

When he realized that playing football was the gateway to higher education, he took it seriously. It all paid off because he received offers from various universities, namely Penn State, UCLA, Clemson, and Florida State, to mention only a few. Johnson enrolled at the University of Miami on a full scholarship.

He played for the Miami Hurricanes, which was the best football team in 1991. According to LSU head coach Ed Orgeron, Johnson’s performance could have earned him a chance to be an All-American.

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His dream of being an All-American was shattered when he tore his shoulder during a match. His replacement, Warren Sapp, played very well. When Johnson recovered, he was relegated to the bench as a substitute level player for the Hurricanes.

With the presence of in-form Sapp, Johnson’s goal of being drafted into the NFL was dashed. He failed to meet the playing time required by the NFL to be drafted. In 1995 he graduated from varsity and went on to join the Canadian Football League(CFL), playing for Calgary Stampeders.

He had hoped that he would get another chance to join the NFL. However, only two months into the season, Johnson struggled with injuries and was cut out of the practice roster. This signaled the end of his football career.

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He ventured into wrestling, where he got his big break at the WWE. He is now a businessman and Hollywood superstar.