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Top 10 Weird Outfits Won By WWE Wrestlers

Wrestlers are professionals who go the extra mile to entertain their audience. Some overdo it by wearing ridiculous costumes. The following is a list of the weirdest WWE wrestling outfits.

1. Gobbledy Gooker

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His real name is Hector Manuel Guerrero Llanes. This Mexican-born wrestler burst into the wrestling scene in 1990 wearing an outrageous turkey outfit. This was the most embarrassing wrestling moment of the 1990s.

2. Giant Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez had a muscular costume which made him look like a giant. However, he did not achieve the macho man look as he appeared like a naked giant terrorizing his opponent.

3. Bastion Booger

This character that Michael “Mike” Shaw portrayed was regarded as one of the filthiest in wrestling. Dressed in disgusting grungy singles which looked like stringy diapers, he looked awful.

4. Aldo Montoya

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His real name is Peter Joseph Polaco and in the ring, he wore a mask that was considered the ugliest in wrestling history. It was bright yellow and complemented with green and red colors.

5. Berzerker

John Nord joined the WWF in 1991. He portrayed a Viking character and wore a ridiculous two-horned Viking helmet, a leather belt, and carried a sword and shield.

6. Max Moon

Portraying a man from outer space Thomas “Tom” Boric had rockets shooting from his arms. His costume had awful colors which made it look like a neon rainbow creating an appalling sight for wrestling.

7. Tatanka

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Christopher “Chris” Chavis portrayed the character of a Lumbee tribe warrior whose war cry in the ring was scary. He wore a headdress with colorful ribbons and war paint.

8. Shawn Michaels

This legendary wrestler used to wear awkward vests with peace symbols. He wore flowery pants to complete his ridiculous costume.

9. Goldust

Dustin Patrick Runnels had his face painted in black and gold patterns. With his weird latex costume, he looked terrible.

10. IRS

Mike Rotunda plays the character Irwin R. Schyster, a wall street sleazy businessman. He wore a ridiculous costume comprising red suspenders with a white dress shirt, pants, and boots.