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The Story Behind Aliyah’s NXT Long Streak

It is no longer news that no female wrestler has stayed longer in the WWE NXT than the indefatigable Aliyah.

Aliyah has had a WWE NXT career so long that it has outlived the main roster careers of most wrestlers (men and women) in history. But why has this been so?

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The first point is the fact that Aliyah has always been on the wrong side of bookings. It was not until the formation of the Women’s Smackdown title known as the Tag Team Women’s title and the execution of the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase that luck began to smile on women in terms of booking.

In fact, Aliyah was only booked for a No. 1 Contender fight as recently as March 2020. She, unfortunately, lost the match to Io Shirai. Before that fight, the last time she had a qualifying match was in 2016.

Another reason is that Aliyah lacked identity in the NXT. During her time on the roster, she greatly lacked any sort of character evolution.

She never got the opportunity to evolve into someone that made progress in front of an ever-present WWE NXT audience.

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Now 26, Aliyah sealed a WWE contract at a very young age, becoming one of the youngest fighters on the roster.

There have been some positives to look forward to in her future as there are already some ongoing rumors Duodrop could be replaced by Aliyah to fill into a tag team position with Eva on WWE RAW.