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The Most Popular Basketball Shoe Ever Made

Nike’s Air Jordan, a line of shoes, are some of the most popular basketball sneakers. Their origin comes from Michael Jordan, who was fined $5,000 every time he wore them during games because they violated league rules for player uniformity – yet this only made him wear it more often and increased their popularity.

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The Air Jordan 3 released in 1988 was the shoe that helped get Michael Jordan’s contract with Nike. The shoe is made of soft leather and a comfortable, mid-cut height to suit the recent foot injury he had from basketball. 

Michael Jordan’s legacy has been passed down to the next generation of ballplayers, so much that a young boy in “Like Mike” is able to play like Michael as well.×600/filters:format(webp):quality(80)/granite-web-prod/89/a5/89a5bab5e7bf4c869abee495299f89f7.jpeg

The shoes are made of soft leather with a mid-cut height. According to sources, the house was specially made for Michael Jordan to support his foot injuries. It was said that Jordan thought about signing a contract with Adidas. However, because of his new Air Jordan design, he decided to re-sign with Nike.

The shoe’s comfortability is the main reason why they are so popular today. Jordan created a shoe that was stylish, yet super comfortable at the same time. A retro version of the shoe is released every holiday season. They bring in millions of dollars every year for Nike.

The shoe was also featured in a popular kids movie, Like Mike, which focused on the shoe’s magical powers, helping Mike play like Michael Jordan.