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Rare Sports We Didn’t Know Existed

The UK sporting sphere is known to be vast. However, football is the crowd favorite for most spectators. However, for those who want to dig deeper in this world, there is an array of unconventional sports available for you to join or watch – like ironing!

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Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey is a sport that was invented in England back in 1954. Just like regular hockey, it consists of two teams of six. They must push the puck across the bottom of a swimming pool until they reach the other side. However, from an outside perspective, it can be difficult for spectators because players regularly need air while playing since there’s no oxygen underwater and must frequently surface as needed for safety purposes.

Chess boxing

The first-ever match took place in Berlin. The sport has reached unimaginable heights since then, with a growing following all over the world. You can win this game by knockout or checkmate – either physically through your opponent’s body or mentally inside his head.

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When it comes to Equestrian events, horses have an elegance that comes with choreographed dressage and obstacle leaps of Show-Jumping. Kaninhop is a lesser-known Olympic event that requires rabbits’ agility in jumping over fences or other obstacles while still maintaining their style and grace, just like Horses do.