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Olympic Champion Katie Ledecky Reveals The Contents Of Her Swim Bag

Six-time Olympics gold medalist Katie Ledecky is ready for the Tokyo Olympic Games. In her swim bag, she included all the essentials that she requires for the games like chocolate milk and swimsuits.


Katie is optimistic that she will scoop more gold medals in Tokyo to add to her collection. Her preparations for the Olympic games required rigorous training. Katie’s motivation to work hard is derived from the big goals that she set for her professional and personal life.

However, Katie’s swim bag must-haves are crucial in boosting her confidence. These crucial essentials packed in the swim bag of the Olympian will be discussed in detail.

1.TYR Women’s Swimsuit

This is the most important outfit she requires as a swimmer. Therefore, TYR Women’s Durafast One Solid Diamond fit One Piece Swimsuit is ideal for Katie to win gold in the Olympics.

2.TYR Tech Swimsuit

Image Credit:proswimwear.co.uk

The state-of-the-art TYR swimsuit gives Katie an advantage when she glides through the water with speed.

3.Adidas Ultraboost Shoes

These shoes offer comfort when she is jogging as part of her training.

4.Soleil Sensitive Advanced Razor


The blade has water-activated moisture strips that are enriched with aloe to prevent irritation. That is Katie’s favourite because it gives her ultra-smooth skin. She is the face of the “Game On” campaign brought by BIC Soleil Sensitive Advanced.

5.Black Hawk Racing Goggles

TYR’s Black Hawk Racing Femme Mirrored goggles are vital for Katie’s swimming competition.

6.TYR Swim Cap

The multi-color silicone swim cap is crucial for Katie as it holds hair in one place during swimming.

7.TYR XL Hyper Dry Sport Towel

This towel is 100% microfiber and dries skin quickly. This enables Katie to quickly shift from her aquatic workout to her next activity.

8.Chocolate Milk

Katie drinks this milk after training because it refuels her muscles.

9.Hand Sanitizer

The Olympic champion has packed hand sanitizers for use to protect herself from the coronavirus.

10. Extra Masks

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Katie packed extra masks to protect her during the games.