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North Carolina Couple Becomes Popular For Feeding More Than A Hundred College Students

Many people believe life has a way of repaying the little good we do to other people.

This is exactly the case of Tom and Rachel Sullivan, a North Carolina State-based couple who suddenly became a media sensation for their show of love to some students.

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The story started with Rachel, a lady who was about 10 years ago, a resident of Chicago, but had to travel to North Carolina to further her education. Being a new student in an entirely new environment, Rachel was fortunate to have a family friend very close to the school. What this meant for Rachel was that she could visit the family anytime to eat. This also made Rachel became close to the neighbors of her newly found family.

After gotten married to Tom Sullivan, fate brought Rachel and her husband back to North Carolina.  Perhaps Rachel had already discussed with Tom how a family friend catered for her during her school days and how she became friends with their neighbors. Luckily for the two sides, Rachel met Gallagher, the son of one of the neighbors she made friends with.

Describing how he and his friends have not been feeding well, Gallagher got the invitation of Tom Sullivan, which allows him to visit the family anytime he feels like eating. Unfortunately, Tom has been making foods for the family ever since Rachel was diagnosed to have a condition known as polycystic ovary syndrome.

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However, what started as a show of love to only Gallagher got extended to other kids. This happened after Rachel posted a short video that generated about 13 million views on Tik Tok, showing the moment Gallagher came for food. Other kids liked this and asked if they could also be like Gallagher.

Inspired by the new development, the Sullivans now run a program that feeds more than 100 college students. The couple feeds the students with the diet recommended for Rachel’s condition.