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Individuals Of Questionable Character In The History Of Sports

1. Fiorentino Perez

The 74-year-old is the current president of Real Madrid. While he has been described as a fantastic leader with so much influence, he recently got a lot of backlash from the media and football fans across the globe for his greediness and overbearing nature.

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Fiorentino Perez, together with some other major leagues club owners, had concluded a plan to create a European Super League before the plan was resisted and frustrated by Uefa. The plan, if succeeded, would have generated more profits for the founding clubs.

2. Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson was a delight to watch at the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul. He got a gold medal after winning the 100 meters final. However, Johnson ran out of luck and was forced to forfeit the medal after failing a series of drug tests conducted on him.

3. Andrea Agnelli

This Italian businessman is the current chairman of Juventus F.C and has been instrumental in the huge success the club has recorded so far.

Although Agnelli is a wealthy person, he has been enmeshed in different kinds of shady deals. First, he was part of the top officials of Juventus investigated for mafia infiltration in 2014. Recently, he was accused of greediness by attempting to make Juventus one of the founding clubs of the proposed new European Super League.

4. Robert Kraft

Kraft has been a successful businessman and the owner of New England Patriots. Although he is a free man, his name has been embroiled in a lot of scandals. He might not be an active player in some scandals like the DeflateGate scandal, Aaron Hernandez’s murder case, etc., but history won’t be kind to him for the leadership roles he played.

5. John Terry

The name John Terry, one of the all-time legends of Chelsea F.C, found its way to this list as one of the shadiest characters in football history.

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He was called out and lambasted for charging money to show people around the Stamford Bridge stadium. There was also a report that claimed Terry was sleeping with the ex-girlfriend of his former teammate.