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Frank Jackson: NBA’s Number One Hipster

It is almost uncommon to see an athlete dedicating their time to becoming a better person in their career field and still receiving praise in the fashion world. One of the NBA’s most stylish players, Frank Jackson, might be the right person to fill this spot.   

Image courtesy of B/R Kicks/Twitter

In a league filled with many hipsters and wannabe fashionistas, the 23-year-old Detroit Pistons star has been able to create a personal style that places him an edge over others. An aficionado-like Jackson with a particular taste for top brands and expensive wears like vintage trails is no match for anybody.

While many people are still fascinated by Jackson’s unmatchable personal style, the NBA superstar has come out to share his secret. For someone who has been a fashion enthusiast right from when he was a kid, it is understandable how he got his tricks.

Jackson narrated how he would spend hours trying to reproduce outfits used in a popular TV series “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” when he was a little bit younger. The process of putting together matching outfits could be the secret to his stylistic development.

This indeed has helped him in no small way. While many of his mates still find it difficult getting fitting clothes and knowing what size to buy, Jackson does with little to no stress. He understands his measurements, making it easy for him to shop online and still get exactly what he wants.

Image courtesy of GQ

Although Jackson’s style is tempting for people to copy, it is essential to know that knowing and sticking to what suits one’s look is Jackson’s fashion secret.  He once revealed that he doesn’t wear the same thing twice, adding that he likes wearing anything that appeals greatly to him.