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Do Different Cocktail Glasses Affect The Taste Of Your Drink?

You must have heard about how the taste of vino in a wine glass is affected by the shape of the glass.

Research has indicated over time that the structure and shape of a vessel have great ways of affecting how our senses decipher the scent and taste of wine when you sip it.

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When you study the science of eating or gastrophysics, you will understand that the sweetness in the taste of a strawberry can be increased by 10% when it is served on a white plate; white wine can have an unusual taste when it has a red food dye that is flavorless.

There are different cocktail glasses, and studies have also revealed how they affect the taste of our drinks, whether you believe it or not.

Due to a Rocks glass’ straight vertical walls and its wide-open rim, fumes are garnered in the air just on top of the drink itself. This causes the first sip taken to have a powerful taste of ethanol.

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The most popular cocktail glass is the Martini. Due to the composition and structure of this glass, any drink served in it has far less intoxicating burn than the rocks glass. Drinks in the Martini taste softer.

The Highball glass, also referred to as Delmonico or a Collins glass, has a vertical and straight structure, and it deceives our brain into experiencing sourness at a very high level.