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Check This List Of Celebrity Couples And Co-stars With Matching Tattoos

The Avengers Cast

Scarlett Johansson saw that it would be a nice thing if all the original cast of Avengers had a matching tattoo. Johansson was the first to get the tattoo, as revealed by Robert Downey Jr.

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Inspired by the tattoo she got, Johansson recommended a tattoo artist from New York, Josh Lord, and persuaded (Jeremy) Renner, ( Chris) Hemsworth, and Robert Downey to get a similar image.

Steph & Ayesha Curry

Getting matching tattoos is something you can’t take away from this couple. There was a time both tattooed an image showing a set of identical arrows. Explaining what this meant to them, Steph said the matching tattoos signify their resolve to put the past behind them.

The couple got tattooed again in 2019. But this time around, the couple did it to express their love for their three children, Ryan, Canon, and Riley.

The Pretty Little Liars Cast

Celebrating their seven years of consistency and the smooth running of the show, the cast members of the pretty lairs series decided to get matching tattoos. The tattoos, which are the first initials of their characters, could be seen on their pointer fingers.  

Beyoncé & JAY-Z

Although we could say these two are lucky to find themselves, they obviously have many things in common.  While both were born on the fourth day of their respective months, they also had their marriage on April 4, 2008.

In 2017, both shared their matching tattoo that has the Roman numeral “IV” via Instagram.

Cara Delevingne And Kaia Gerber

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 These model BFFs have been rumored to be dating, and many things they do together suggest the dating rumor could be true. One of these things was when both tattooed the word “soulmate” at the soles of their feet.