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A Sneak Peek Into Conor McGregor’s Clothing Empire

Conor McGregor is a larger-than-life fighter with the charisma and skill to match. Known for his quick wit, he’s never been silenced in the Octagon or on social media. 

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He has gained international fame by using boxing tactics against lower weight classes – even holding titles in both featherweight and lightweight simultaneously before eventually vacating them due to lack of competition.  Not only did he fight like a champion, but his philanthropist attitude was also gaining attention. His return fight will probably be as big an event as any this winter season!

It is not surprising that he followed in the footsteps of other athletes to create his own clothing brands. He created a business empire with it that further added to his net worth. Conor, the Irish brawler, best known for his UFC career in which he became a two-time champion and defended his belts an unprecedented nine times before being forced to give up one of them earlier this year due to injury. 

His presence at big events is what sets him apart from all other athletes. His label is called August McGregor which consists solely of garments designed by him. Conor McGregor’s go-to outfit is a suit, but he likes to wear anything from athletic gear and denim jeans to fleece jackets. 

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If you put Conor in anything, he’ll take it for a ride. “I’ve always been confident,” says the 33-year old model who’s walked runways since age 11 and has graced the covers of international fashion magazines such as Vogue Hommes Japan and Harper’s Bazaar.