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5 Rich Athletes Who Live Humble Lives

Many professional athletes do not properly prepare for life after retirement. As a result, they become broke and file for bankruptcy. Their lavish lifestyles and expensive tastes do not encourage them to save. However, modern-day athletes save and invest part of their salaries. Let take a look at some athletes who live humble lives on a strict budget.

David Norris

Photo Credit: greenmatters.com

In 2011, the Major League Baseball pitcher signed a $2million contract at the age of 18. However, Norris lives a humble life that does not resemble the millions of dollars in his bank account. The car that he owns, the Volkswagen Camper is converted into a tiny home that he lives in during the offseason period.

The Milwaukee Brewers pitcher spends less than $1000 a month on his upkeep. Every month, he deposits $800 into his checking account. Norris advises people that being a millionaire does not mean that you have to waste money on luxurious items.

Kirk Cousins

Photo Credit: theguardian.com

His career in the NFL has earned him more than $140million in salaries. Despite being a millionaire the quarterback lives like a teenager. Along with his wife, he resides in his parents’ basement. The car that he drives was bought from his grandmother for $5000.

Ryan Kerrigan

He rents a shared apartment with his friend, Andrew Walker, who he’s known since childhood. He is an outstanding player earning a 6 digit salary. He saves his money by cutting down the food cost. He prefers to cook meals as a way of reducing costs.

Ryan Broyles

Photo Credit: nydailynews.com

Throughout his career in the NFL, Broyles lived a simple life of $60000 a year. The former Detroit Lions wide receiver prefers to put his money into investment and retirement savings accounts. He does not eat out as he avoids unnecessary expenditures. He likes keeping things cheap.

Glover Quin

During his time at the Detroit Lions, he earned $6.5million. He used to save 70% of his salary. He invested in private companies. Quin believes that saving more money and reducing expenditure is a good move.