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4 Popular Dishes That Have Become Cristiano Ronaldo’s Favorite Food

Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo might be famous for being an exceptional player and one of the best football players ever to play the sport; the truth is he is loved for different reasons like his charitable deeds, charismatic personality, beliefs, and favorite meals. These are just some of the reasons why the 36-year-old has a huge fan base.

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However, in this piece, you will read about some of Ronaldo’s favorite meals, as revealed by Helio Loureiro, the Portuguese national team chef.

1. Risotto

Risotto is an Italian dish made with rice and other ingredients. The Portuguese tasted this food during his first stay at Manchester United before joining Real Madrid. To prepare this food, you need a particular kind of rice known as Arborio Rice and other ingredients like shiitake mushroom, unsalted butter, shallot, thyme, etc.

2. Beef Skewers with fried cornmeal

This is one of Ronaldo’s favorite meals. This is not just a flavorful and highly delicious food; it is one of the traditional dishes from Cristiano Ronaldo’s town. This combination is easy to prepare. Get all necessary ingredients like Green Bell Pepper, plum tomatoes, cut beef, Stock cubes, onions, thyme,  salt, and dry pepper for beef skewers, then serve with fried cornmeal.

3. Cod “à Brás”

Cod “à Brás” or Bacalhau à bras is one of the most famous Portuguese dishes.  To prepare this meal, you need salt cod, potatoes, onions, garlic, scrambled eggs, etc. Perhaps its delicious taste is the reason why “Bacalhau à bras” remains Ronaldo’s favorite dish.

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4. Vegetable Soup

The Manchester United star understands the importance of eating vegetable soup. As a result, he has already made a habit of eating vegetable soup every night.